Media impressions value: $875,000

  • Held Live Drive event at Eaton Proving Grounds in Marshall, Mich.
    • 23 key media test-drove supercharged vehicles
    • Extensive media coverage

Promote Eaton’s Twin Vortices Series® (TVS®) supercharger technology to
drive revenue.

  • Can be used on four cylinder to V8 engines without sacrificing power and performance
  • Forces more air into the engine to boost performance while using less fuel
  • Provides instant response – no lag in acceleration
  • Developed communications plan to generate awareness for supercharging. Change perceptions
  • Traditionally, superchargers have been associated with high-performance vehicles and drag racing
    • Today automakers are using smaller supercharged engines to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, helping to meet stricter standards
    • Competes with turbochargers
    • NHTSA reports that, with supercharging and turbocharging technology, engines can be downsized roughly 30% to reduce fuel consumption
      by 5% to 7%

Media relations, special events, website / blogs, marketing materials, distributor and customer support.

  • Press releases highlighting new customer contracts and milestones
  • Pitch target media (trade, business and powertrain print and electronic media, and aftermarket / enthusiast publications)
  • Planned Live Drive event