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Case Study – Media Relations Campaign
Case Study | WABCO MATS | The Millerschin Group


The Millerschin Group helped build awareness and familiarity with WABCO’s heavy duty truck business in North American by conducting a comprehensive, strategic media relations campaign during a major industry trade show.


Coverage generated in the key publications showed WABCO, achieving more than $675,000 in media impressions value

  • 45 journalists attended the press briefing
  • All key heavy-duty truck publications attended
  • Four interviews were conducted on-site
  • 87 articles (print and online) appeared in the top 14 key publications
  • Tracked coverage on all WABCO/MATS social media platforms and reported coverage


For the fourth year in a row, TMG managed media relations activities for WABCO at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS).


  • Arrange for and conduct a joint press seminar with Meritor WABCO on ESCsmart at the show
  • Prepare and distribute five news releases
  • Conduct comprehensive media training sessions over two days to assist executives with messaging and media interviews
  • Prepare comprehensive Briefing Book for executives containing all pertinent information concerning the press seminar
  • Counsel and edit the preparation of a Question and Answer document
  • Arrange for and participate in interviews during the show
  • Follow-up with reporters after the show to determine plans for coverage
  • Track and report on media coverage