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Sparton Corporation

Case Study
Case Study | Sparton Media Coverage | The Millerschin Group
Case Study | Sparton Media Coverage | The Millerschin Group


The Millerschin Group helped enhance the leadership position of Sparton Corp. with positive media coverage on its award-winning medical equipment.


  • Develop news releases on awards
  • Distribute release to key media
  • Contact media to generate coverage
  • Track coverage

Positive coverage in several key medical device and design publications, including:

  • Reuters
  • Mental Health Online
  • Device Space Online
  • Health News & Scoops Online
  • ZAMP Bio News
  • Fox Business
  • TMC Net
  • Trading Markets
  • Yahoo Finance


Promote Sparton’s involvement in producing award-winning medical equipment.


Generate positive media coverage on Sparton producing two award-winning systems for the medical industry.


  1. Producing medical equipment to drive a system that measurescirculating tumor cells (CTCs). It was ranked as the top medical innovation for 2009 at the Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovations Summit. The Cleveland Clinic is a leading multi-specialty academic medical center.
  2. Providing project leadership, mechanical and electrical design and coordination of outside development partners for the design of the NeuroStar® TMS Therapy System electromechanical console. The NeuroStar System was named a Medical Design Excellence Award winner in 2009.