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Case Study – Social Media Campaign
Case Study | RheTech Social Media | The Millerschin Group
Case Study | RheTech | The Millerschin Group


The Millerschin Group helped to develop a social media program for RheTech


Prepare monthly or quarterly reports of social media efforts to measure increase/decrease in activity and define value of program


Develop a social media program for RheTech


  • Use social media programs to promote client awareness, increase exposure and increase traffic to the website
  • Build a social media presence for RheTech
  • Provide greater value to customers/prospects/followers/influencers through social media outlets
  • Build and strengthen relationships with customers/prospects/followers/media
    • Better understand buyers
    • Improve customer service
    • Identify new product ideas
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Drive traffic to trade show exhibits at events
  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales
  • Keep up to date with industry trends
  • Check out competitors’ activity on social media sites


Develop and implement a comprehensive program that allows the client to generate greater awareness and revenue through social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


1) Developed goals for social media program

2) Determined appropriate audience for ReTech messages

a. Defined key terms

b. Determined key markets

c. Determined key people/companies/media

3) Research

a. Identified target audiences in various social media sites using targeted social media search engines such as Technorati, Twellow, Alexa, etc.

b. Determined which social media outlets best fit goals and objectives

c. Determined what competitors are doing on social media sites

d. Identified key influencers to follow e. Determined industry trends

4) Develop content

a. Designed graphic layout of social media pages

b. Determined content Determined who will be internal “voice” providing content/responses Topics: Industry, Company, Promotion (70-20-10 approach) Determined frequency of content release Developed social media editorial calendar

5) Maintain content

a. Set timeline and schedule for social media outreach activities

b. Reviewed editorial calendars from trade publications and adjusted social media content to reflect content of publications

c. Monitored activity and adjusted to changes in social media site

6) Measurement

a. Used online services to track impact on web from traffic statistics

b. Evaluated results and implement changes accordingly

c. Tracked all opportunities/leads as a result of social media programs
(ie: LinkedIn – networking connections)