Our Experienced PR Team

Erin Millerschin | TMG Team
Erin Millerschin President and CEO

Member of the Public Relations Society of America – Detroit Chapter – Programming Committee

The Y2K bug didn’t scare Erin. Recognizing a gap in the market, she chose the year 2000 to launch her own PR company after a successful career at several leading agencies and a growing family at home.  What started as one of the first woman-owned PR companies serving Detroit’s transportation industry, has blossomed into a thriving, customer-focused business that helped clients survive the economic downturn and now is accelerating with them into the future. Yes, her name is on the building and because of it she doesn’t just talk about doing business right – she demands it. Erin was recently named one of the Top Women in PR by PR News.

I’m an eternal optimist. As a business owner, I have to be. But to succeed, you have to invest that positive attitude into your performance and the success of your clients by anticipating their needs, building relationships and continually expanding capabilities and expertise. As much as I’ve enjoyed TMG’s first 15 years, I can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring.

John Millerschin | The Millerschin Group
John Millerschin Chief Operating Officer

A Jack, er John, of all trades, John is well suited for being TMG’s COO. Whether it’s client relations, financial acumen or fixing the FAX machine, John’s your man. A true multitasker, his idea of roughing it combines two favorite activities – hunting and golf – when one of his patented “long-john” drives goes astray and he’s forced to scrounge with squirrels for an MIA Titleist.

The diversity of our clients and their needs challenge me to not only look for new ideas, but also how we can apply our expertise and experience to fit their needs as they continue to evolve.

Dick Pacini | The Millerschin Group
Dick Pacini Senior Vice President

Dick is a consummate professional, with a wealth of PR experience that is only exceeded by his integrity and scrupulous diligence. A near scratch golfer – passionate duffer prone to head scratching – with a boundless appetite for turkey and cheese sandwiches, Dick’s ultimate win-win scenario: A birdie putt at Augusta National washed down with an Arnold Palmer lemonade.

PR continues to be a relationship business that requires building – and earning – credibility and trust, with clients and journalists. They both have great expectations. It’s our job to be attentive and responsive to their needs.

John Tews | The Millerschin Group
John Tews Vice President

John was led into the PR career field through a chance encounter with a career counselor at Lackland Air Force Base. More than 24 years later he still gets excited when his efforts lead to media coverage or land a client on stage at a conference. Prior to joining TMG, Tews spent more than 16 years in corporate communications at J.D. Power and Associates in Troy, MI. He also served as a public affairs officer in the United States Air Force and as a journalist at The Saginaw News.

There is a lot of work behind the scene in PR that most people never see, but it is all worth it when you accomplish your goals. When seeing the results is no longer a thrill, it’s time to find a new profession.

Byron Pope | The Millerschin Group
Byron Pope Account Director/Editorial Director

A lifelong Detroiter, Byron has long loved cars and writing, which led to a 15-year career in automotive journalism. Looking for a new adventure, Byron joined The Millerschin Group to broaden his horizons. In his free time, Byron enjoys reading, and spending time with his family, including his adorable (and sometimes annoying) dog, Mylo.

I’ve had an appreciation for hard work ever since my first job at the age of 15. The feeling you get after accomplishing a task, whether difficult or simple, is like nothing else in the world. I treasure that feeling and have given my fullest at every position I’ve held during my career.

Dave Smith | The Millerschin Group
David Smith Senior Counsel

Word. Smith. By name, definition and reputation, Dave fits the bill. Once revered as the dean of automotive journalists, Dave has jumped to the “dark side” and now plies his trade as TMG’s self-proclaimed editorial guru and resident curmudgeon. While he strives for perfection, a painful Achilles’ heel always trips him up near Ann Arbor and his beloved Wolverines.

Just because you issue a press release doesn’t mean it will get picked up. You have to tell an engaging story supported with facts, and know when and where to position it to get the best coverage. That comes with experience.

Dena Meldrum | The Millerschin Group
Dena Meldrum Graphic Design Manager

Dena, who began drawing cartoon characters when she was eight, craves both creativity and structure. This creates constant competition – often within herself. She brings 18-plus years of experience and a wide variety of bio-graphics expertise with her!

Creativity doesn’t happen on its own. It’s important to keep up on trends, do ongoing research, challenge yourself and embrace unique inspirations that lead to creative solutions and impactful results.

Jeanne Sommerfield | The Millerschin Group
Jeanne Sommerfield Accounting Manager (John’s Nemesis)

Jeanne began bean counting in 1998 and joined TMG in 2003. She received her MBA from Oakland University. In addition to TMG, she provides accounting services to several other small businesses in Oakland County. Her time away from the office is spent with her husband and two collies, Escher and Ansel.

The secret to success in the workplace is to always laugh at your boss’s jokes.

Ellie Millerschin | The Millerschin Group
Ellie Millerschin Assistant Account Executive

Ellie joined The Millerschin Group early in 2016 after graduating from Michigan State University (MSU) with degrees in Animal Science and Business. Ellie revels in tackling new challenges and is excited to jump into the TMG fray and put her writing and business skills to work. When out of the office, Ellie spends most of her time riding and training horses, but also enjoys reading, writing, running, and playing with her nutty cat, Kaia.

TMG is a place where our clients goals and needs become reality. This does not happen by chance. There is no shortcut for hard work, creativity, and dedication. TMG’s team possesses all of these qualities and more and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this team. I figure in a year I’ll be running the show.

James Pyne | The Millerschin Group
James Pyne Asst. AE/Graphic Design Intern

James’ primary focus at TMG, which he joined in 2014, will be graphic design, which he studies at nearby Oakland University. James works under the guidance of CEO Erin Millerschin and Dena Meldrum, Head of Graphic Design.

The greatest thing about TMG is the relationship it builds with our employees, as well as our clients. I consider everyone here a mentor and a teacher to help me perfect my craft and my talents. I feel like I am a part of a family and a team. Each employee gives me a solid vision of how business should be done, which gives me the confidence to meet client needs.